Locastic Oct 01

Podcastic: The future of voice UI

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nara kasbergen from NPR delivering a talk on amazon alexa

In the future, it is believed that the voice will be a primary input for almost all interfaces. However, what is the state of this emerging trend right now?

The second episode of Podcastic features Nara Kasbergen, Lead Software Engineer at National Public Radio who works on a variety of projects. That includes the NPR Music homepage redesign and the third-party platform for NPR One.

Also, her area of expertise also lies in NPR feature development using voice UI products like Amazon Alexa, Apple HomePod or Samsung Bixby.

During this 45-minute chat, we talked about various topics including the current state of voice User Interfaces, new versions, mental health in the IT industry. Eventually, we even managed to touch upon her speaking career – enjoy!

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