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Journal of Computer Languages features Danilo’s blog in a science publication!

Hello, everyone! Today, we’re excited to share some great news about one of our previous blog posts. Sooo, let’s go!

Have you ever heard of the ‘Journal of Computer Languages’? 📚

It is a single publication which covers all areas of computer languages. 

The Journal of Computer Languages ​​(COLA) welcomes papers on all aspects of the design, implementation, and use of computer languages ​​(specification, modeling, programming; textual or visual) and human-centric computing, from theory to practice. Most papers describe original technical research, but the journal also welcomes empirical studies and survey articles.

Why are we telling you about it?

…because we have something to brag about! 🎉

If you remember, our team member Danilo Trebješanin wrote a blog about Big Picture EventStorming, the process of visualizing business processes, the organization of the same, important elements, colors, participants, roles, the importance of sticky notes and the participation of the entire team involved in a specific project.

So, what happened? 👀

One of the authors of the ‘Journal of Computer Languages’ publication used Danilo’s blog as a reference when writing the article “The Patterns of User Experience for Sticky-Note Diagrams in Software Requirements Workshops.”

This article discusses how using sticky note diagrams in software workshops can improve gathering requirements. It shows that these methods help with communication, idea generation, and decision-making. The diagrams make it easier for teams to see and organize their ideas, which keeps everyone engaged. Using these methods in software development can lead to solutions that match user needs more closely.

Below is an excerpt from an article in which our team member, Danilo Trebješanin, is mentioned, as well as information from his blog that helped the author in writing the mentioned article.

Congratulations, Danilo! 👏

We must admit that we are very proud of the fact that Danilo’s article was referenced in a scientific publication such as the ‘Journal of Computer Languages’. Having such an expert in the team is really of great importance!

Every new project requires careful planning, understanding, anticipation of potential problems, and a clear vision. It was during a challenging situation that Danilo began studying EventStorming and applying this method to our work. This approach has significantly improved our ability to manage and organize complex projects, ensuring successful outcomes.

We constantly work on improving business processes and better business organization, and we are always happy to share new knowledge and practices that have proven effective.

For those who haven’t explored Danilo’s articles yet, here are the links for you to check out.

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👉🏻 V2: The Introduction to Big Picture Eventstorming V2

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