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Our unique culture has been crucial for all the success and has helped us attract and retain amazing colleagues and clients. Scroll down to read more about the benefits of working in Locastic and sign up for open job positions.

<p>Become a part of the Locastic team</p>

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Work from anywhere!

We don’t really believe in national borders and geographic restrictions, the only currency that really matters is your ability to produce measurable results with your team.

Work from anywhere!

Unlock the perquisite to become exquisite.

Unleash your creativity instead of worrying about job essentials.

A competitive <br/> salary

A competitive

Above the national standard. Let's move the money barrier out of the way and negotiate the terms that will make you satisfied in the long haul.
Yearly <br/> profit share

profit share

After six months in Locastic, you enter the 10% profit sharing pool. You also receive periodic rewards for going the extra mile on projects.
Flexible <br/> working hours

working hours

Are you an early bird or a late-sleeper? That’s alright. Feel free to tailor your working schedule according to your habits.
Remote <br/> work


It doesn’t matter where you work from, as long as you can fit into our culture and handle your responsibilities.
Team buildings <br/> and celebrations

Team buildings
and celebrations

We pinpoint a ski resort for snowy activities during the winter, while in the summer… well, just Google "Stončica Bay".
Open Source <br/> contributions

Open Source

We actively share our knowledge because nothing really beats the feeling of a proper community contribution.
Long-term and <br/> challenging projects

Long-term and
challenging projects

Settle for the long haul instead of constantly changing projects and always starting from scratch.
Workshops and <br/> conferences

Workshops and

Always strive to improve! You are in charge of your own progress, so pick a workshop or a conference, and we will book your tickets.
Career switch <br/> possibility

Career switch

If you’d like to pursue a career in other departments, we will invest in your journey of becoming a React, UX, Sylius or Symfony expert.
Vacation <br/> for everyone

for everyone

It doesn’t matter if you are a student or a full-time employee. You start with 25 vacation days and add a day per each year you spend in Locastic.
Preventive <br> health checks

health checks

Health is your biggest wealth. Aside from supplementary insurance, we'll ensure you attend a medical examination at least once per year.
Referral <br> bonuses


Here at Locastic, we financially reward you for recommending colleagues, clients or project leads which eventually get materialized.
Office <br> perks


Join us at the office in Split and enjoy complimentary drinks, snacks, ice cream, Playstation 5, table tennis and hilarious jokes.
Tinel <br> Meetup


Learn from the best! We bring prominent tech speakers to our office in Split to distribute free knowledge. Every single month.
Games in <br> our veins

Games in
our veins

Are you rushing in or you're going sneaky-beaky like? Welcome to the temple of former Good Game Global CS:GO champions.

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