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Toni Miličević

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Blockchain, Locastic, May 4, 2023 - 2 min read

Locastic partners with Mantle to fuel their Blockchain adventure

We’re thrilled to announce the collaboration with Mantle – a high-performance Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) modular L2 network built by BitDAO and governed by the $BIT community.

Locastic, Backend, Mar 10, 2022 - 2 min read

Upgrading to Sylius Premium

After a few years of a really productive partnership, the Sylius team promoted Locastic from Professional to Premium Sylius partners.

Locastic, Backend, Jan 18, 2022 - 3 min read

Interview: Stéphane joins the Sylius Core Team!

There are quite a few different ways to step up your career and improve your software development skillset, but actively participating in community discussion has to be close to the top of that list.

Locastic, Oct 18, 2020 - 1 min read

DesignRush names Locastic as a top mobile dev agency!

After a lengthy evaluation, DesignRush has recognized Locastic as one of the best mobile development companies in the industry.

Locastic, Aug 25, 2020 - 1 min read

Locastic listed on Clutch Leader Awards!

Locastic joins more than 60 Croatian companies who were selected as Leaders in the B2B domain on Clutch market research platform.

Locastic, Feb 2, 2020 - 1 min read

Podcastic: Masters of eCommerce

Going over the recent success of Build in Amsterdam agency and their dominance in eCommerce awards.

Locastic, Oct 1, 2019 - 1 min read

Podcastic: The future of voice UI

In the future, it is believed that the voice will be a primary input for almost all interfaces.

Conferences, Locastic, Sep 24, 2019 - 4 min read

SoMo Web award goes to Netgen and Locastic!

Every website out there excels in its own way, but only a few can fit the creativity and innovation criteria to become the best.

Locastic, Sep 7, 2019 - 10 min read

Farewell Esports!

Esports is the process playing video games at the highest level where players invest infinite hours to develop their skills.

Locastic, Aug 27, 2019 - 6 min read

Reflections: A whole lot of content

Reflections is a regular piece of content that dips into daily stuff that happens in a software development agency.