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An award-winning February

Most of the time, we try to let our work speak for itself, but one can not simply deny the importance of industry recognition. Those awards not only make us stand out in this challenging industry but also show our expertise and what the team has learned over the years.

Hello Berlin, here we come!

At the beginning of the year, we applied for the E-commerce Berlin 2024 Awards, aiming to highlight one of the projects we are truly proud of, and once again, the choice was on Tommy.

The E-commerce Berlin Expo and Conference is an annual event in Germany that celebrates innovative ideas and development in online shopping. With over 10,000 people expected to attend, including speakers and visitors, it’s the go-to place for everyone in the e-commerce world. This event brings together industry experts to share knowledge, network, and showcase the newest solutions. It’s an exciting opportunity for anyone interested in e-commerce to learn about the latest trends and developments. 

The Tommy project was nominated in the Best Sales and Growth solution category with 100+ other projects in competition. After the public voting with over 22,000 votes cast, we advanced to the final event that took place on the 21st of December in Berlin.

The jury ensured that the selected entries were of the highest quality, and made sure that their criteria met the overall prestige of the Awards show.

Jury’s selection criteria included innovation, impact on revenue generation, user experience, and adaptability to evolving market dynamics, and it turned out that Tommy was one of those projects.

Eventually, our project placed third in the overall competition, falling behind the local projects Captain and Preisvergleich.

Best Sales & Growth Solution:
🥇 Allegro (Captain ML)
🥈 idealo (Preisvergleich)
🥉 Locastic (

Aside from the Awards show, we participated in the E-commerce Berlin Expo 2024 which attracted more than 15,000 people registered to come and mingle with other industry professionals. All in all, this event turned out the biggest EB-E expo to date with a 15-thousand square meters venue, 20% bigger than their previous editions.

Recognizing Behemots in the Tech Industry

A few months ago we were also notified that we had been selected to participate in the TechBehemoths 2023 Awards, dedicated to celebrating excellence in information and technology within the global B2B market.

Behemot means something big and powerful, it originally comes from the Hebrew word b’hemah which means the beast. Our awards are based 100% on Meritocracy. 100% free. No one can manipulate the final award result.

Marcel Sobieski, Techbehemots Awards 2024

With a wide scope covering over 46,000 tech startups and agencies worldwide, with their user base exceeding one million people, the awards aim to spotlight those driving digital transformation and innovation. They seek to honor companies that are shaping the future of technology and improving industry standards. Locastic was nominated and later won prestigious awards in several categories.

🏆 React.Js services
🥇 Locastic
🥈 Azikus (Zagreb, Croatia)
🥉 Undabot (Zagreb, Croatia)

🏆 Ecommerce development
🥇 Locastic
🥈 Ronik (Samobor, Croatia)
🥉 Iconis (Rijeka, Croatia)

🏆 Mobile app development
🥇 Locastic
🥈 Azikus (Zagreb, Croatia)
🥉 qCode (Zagreb, Croatia)

With these new awards, we once again received great recognition for business excellence, hard work, and positive contributions. Thanks to the event organizers for evaluating our project work and awarding our team with special recognitions.

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